Weight loss management

There is plenty of information out there that talks about the best diet or approach to weight loss. Whether they are safe, sustainable, best-suited to your lifestyle or based on good evidence is another story.

What does this mean?

These diets or approaches, most without supporting scientific evidence, often promise quick weight loss in the short-term however, they commonly result in weight regain soon after. Such diets or approaches might suggest you to eliminate entire food groups, potentially leaving you in a situation where you could be missing out on a wide range of important nutrients. The often experienced feeling of despair and disappointment could damage your self-confidence or even your relationship with food, potentially leading to eating disorder behaviours. At this point, it is common for the weight loss cycle to come full circle, where in most cases many of us would move onto another quick weight loss diet or approach.

Instead of following another self-claimed diet or approach, why not try something different?

How a dietitian could help you

  • Individualised dietary advice that could fit into your lifestyle
  • Achievable and sustainable weight reduction
  • Develop healthy eating behaviour and habits
  • How to read and understand food labels


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